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søndag, oktober 24, 2010

Holiday in Dubai

 Palm JumeirahWe have all five been on holiday in Dubai.
This post is in English due to the fact
that it is written on a iPad with a English keypad and I could not figure out how to turn danish on.
Day by day:
Sunday the 17th of October. Arrived 20 minutes late and met by Malthes best friend and his father. Enjoyed a warm evening by the house at Palm Jumeirah.
We went to Dubai museum
Interesting - eg. there was a tent outdoors with a working wind tower.
You really could feel the difference.
A walk in some down town roads. A visit to a textile souk. A drink by the creek where we spotted a library.
Went back to down town, took a boat to cross the creek and visit the public library, Al Ras Library
Went to Mall of the Emirates.
Esben tried skiing at Ski Dubai.

Back at the palm I had a tour in a kayak by the house.
Steen in a kayak in front of Atlantis

Nice when the sun is setting. Fish were jumping. Some right over the front of my kayak.
Kayaking again by sunrise.
Dubai Mall - even more impressive than Mall of the Emirates.
Got tickets for Burj Khalifa for the next day. Did a tour of some of the mall - gold souk, books, electronics (eg. a 103" screen).
Went to the kids' school for a morning assembly.
From there to Dubai Mall for a trip to Burj Khalifa. Impressive.

We went to the desert in the afternoon to ride motocross. The father and son of the family we are visiting had their own bikes, but we got some easier ones with four wheels.
In the evening we were invited to a really nice dinner at the Armani Hotel - restaurant Amal.
We spent the day in Atlantis Aquaventure.
In the evening another trip to the desert. This time for food, camels and drum sessions.
Full Moon Desert Drumming.
Went to see the sunset from the beach south of the Palm down by Hilton Dubai Jumeirah
and had dinner at a restaurant, maybe Times of Arabia, at Madinat Jumeirah.
I did a one and a half hour kayak trip in the morning. I went from Front F, the 6. palm leave to the right counted from the bottom and up, along the inner side of the crest down to passage out to the sea, then down to where crest ends and a little bit further and then back again almost the same path. Weather is nice, 35 degrees C and almost no wind with is good as the kayak do not have a rudder or a fin. Without a rudder or a fin you have to tilt the kayak a lot in cross wind.